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We purchase top-tier pet care companies from passionate owners who are moving on to life's next challenge.

Why Houndry?

Building a successful business is a labor of love that takes years of commitment. You've faced uncertainty, worked through weekends, every step making sure the needs of your customers and employees have been met, always before your own. We get it. We've been there too. We understand that when it's time to move on you need to know your customers and employees will be taken care of. They will be.

You love them. We love them too.


Meet Our Brands

We're actively seeking new pet care businesses of all sizes.

New York Dog Spa & Hotel

New York Dog Spa & Hotel - Chelsea: The Dog Spa has been a neighborhood institution since 1997, making us one of Manhattan’s most well established dog care companies. Our facilities were designed with consultation from local vets, and built with safety in mind. At over 12,500 sq. feet, we have one of the largest spaces in New York, fully dedicated to 24-hour care, day care, grooming, and retail.

The Dog Walking Network

We provide exceptional care for all of our clients and specialize in individually tailored pet needs, from single dog walks for special needs dogs to medical cat sits. We ensure your dog, cat, bird, guinea pig, fish (etc!) receives the love, attention, exercise, and care needed to keep them happy and give you peace of mind.

We're Ready For Your Brand

Contact us today to discuss how we can continue your brands tradition of excellence. We aim to preserve your companies uniqueness. If you're interested in exploring the possibility of selling your pet care business connect with us and lets start a discussion.

Sleep easy knowing your legacy is safe.